LV Recommends: This mayonnaise swap rivals the real thing

Known for their killer tofu, Old Capitol Food Co. has experimented with a new product over the last year that has gained quite a few fans. What originally began as a way to make use of the leftover trimmings from their packaging process has now evolved into a full-fledged product of its own. Meet Mayu: a tasty, smooth and creamy mayonnaise alternative made from the brand’s signature tofu. It’s a protein-rich option, and clocks in at a quarter of the fat and calories for those watching their macros. The spread’s delectably silky texture is owed in part to the first-rate quality of the tofu Old Capitol produces. Because there is no calcium used in the production process––just nigari, or magnesium chloride––the resulting tofu avoids the chalky mouthfeel associated with many other commercial brands and blends into an amazing mayo dupe. Find Mayu in the refrigerated section of your local Hy-Vee and New Pioneer Food Co-op, or at the Iowa City Farmers Market. 12 oz. jar, $5.49

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