Little Village Eastern Iowa issue 318: May 2023

Little Village issue 318
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Signs reading “Out of the closet and into the streets,” “No racism, no sexism, no classes” and “Gay pride is gay power” decorated the first homecoming parade float of the UI Gay Liberation Front in 1970. The GLF were one of the first university-recognized LGBTQ student groups in the country, and would go on to lead, alongside a few other orgs, efforts to secure life-saving resources for Iowans during the AIDS epidemic. In this issue, Little Village’s Adria Carpenter kicks off a three-article series on the history of HIV/AIDS in Iowa City, while Paul Brennan describes how hard-won lessons from the crisis are being snubbed by Republicans seeking to ban HIV/AIDS education in Iowa schools.
Also in this issue: Riverside’s latest production, The Roomate, is set in Iowa City but treads in unfamiliar territory; Summer of the Arts embarks on a milestone season in downtown Iowa City; lunch and a pint at Iowa’s oldest brewpub; Songs About Daisies, Dream About a Cowboy and other reviews about albums (and books); and more!