Will Whitmore, Grand Tetons, Wet Hair announced for Mission Creek 2012

Today, the Mission Creek Festival announced some new confirmations, including local talents Will Whitmore, Grant Tetons and Wet Hair.

William Elliott Whitmore cut his teeth strumming a banjo and opening for legendary Iowa City emo-core outfit Ten Grand. More than a decade later, Whitmore has five rough-hewn folk records to his name and sells out auditoriums across Europe and large clubs stateside. Whitmore’s voice carries a generation or two worth of hurt and hard work, even though his birth certificate is only edging toward 35 years old. And somewhere in that gravely groan is the secret to his ability to court tattooed, punk-rockers and their parents wielding their NPR tote bags.

Whitmore’s “Everything Gets Gone” on Soundcloud:

William Elliott Whitmore by EpitaphTours

In 2011, Grand Tetons emerged from open mic-dom as one of the most promising young acts in Iowa City. The alt-country quartet (or quintet, depending on which night you catch them), made hay on their debut album, They Do Move In Herds, from all sorts of girl troubles, too much whiskey and beer and an intense love of Jurassic Park (a song title and the album’s title are both lines from the dinosaur film).

Quiet, All of You, They’re Approaching the Tyrannosaur Paddock by GrandTetons

In 2011, after several years of heaping on progressively more melody and rhythmic complexity to their swampy, lo-fi bedroom-dub, Wet Hair ballooned from a duo to a trio. With the addition of a full-time bass player to their synth and drums structure, Wet Hair’s gained some drive and propulsion, sharpening the kraut-rock-influenced angles of their sound. The Iowa City group just finished the recording of its fifth LP–second as a trio–this winter, so expect a fresh batch of tunes during their festival performance.

Wet Hair – Echo Lady by warszawarecords

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