Local all-female improv group hits up The Mill Thursday

The Janice Ian Experience
Free improv in downtown Iowa City! — graphic via the Janice Ian Experience

The Janice Ian Experience

The Mill – Thursday, Feb. 13 at 9 p.m. (free)

Valentine’s Day, everyone’s favorite Hallmark-invented holiday, is fast-approaching. Sure, you could spend the night before Valentine’s finalizing fancy dinner reservations, buying some flowers for the one you love or drowning yourself in whiskey and lamenting your lonely, meaningless existence. But instead, you should probably just go to The Mill this Thursday and catch some excellent improv comedy care of The Janice Ian Experience.

The Janice Ian Experience, also known as Janice, is pretty new to the improv scene in Iowa City. The seven-piece, all-female group formed at the beginning of last semester and held their first performance in November, also at The Mill. Shows consist of one or two opening stand up acts, and then a long-form set that lasts around 40 minutes. However, the group plans on adding some extra surprises for the Valentine’s performance.

In January, Janice and two other local improv groups, Paperback Rhino and Great White Narcs, performed together in a show hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

The best part about this show? It’s free. So you’ll be sure to have money leftover to still buy a dozen roses or a box of chocolates or whatever those awful, happy couples buy for each other this time of year.