Little Village is back!

That’s right Iowa City, your beloved source for news and cultural commentary is back on the racks. After a short hiatus, we have returned bigger and better than ever. We’ve got 8 more pages, more color and now this dandy little blog to boot.

I’ve just returned with the very first issue (6,000 of them) stacked in my trunk, my backseat and even in the passenger seat. That’s over a ton of paper draining the precious MPGs in my Camry.

So, if you haven’t already, go down to your favorite LV advertiser and pick up a copy. Tell them how much you appreciate their support while you’re there too.

And keep watching this space. As we build our online presence there will be lots of goodies here. In the meantime, look for our weekly “NOW” bulletins for what’s happening for News Of the Weekend!

It’s good to be back!