Letters to the editor: Brad Kunkel will be a sheriff who cares

Brad Kunkel, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Letters submitted by Julie Kunkel

By Josh Gersten, Tiffin

Brad was my direct supervisor during his five years as a patrol sergeant and reserve unit liaison, and I can attest to his leadership abilities. He’s a highly knowledgeable, approachable, empathetic cop who’s also an effective listener and problem-solver.

Over the years, I’ve gotten countless texts or phone calls from Brad saying, “Hey, I was thinking about this and thought we could try that…”. His insights and ideas have modernized and streamlined many important aspects of the reserve deputy program — among them how staff are scheduled for assignments, how requests for service are handled from the public and how hiring and interviewing are conducted. He’s also modest and when others have ideas, helps to promote them and give credit where credit is due.

Brad has been known to follow up after major or stressful incidents to make sure that we are OK. He is an advocate for his colleagues, helping to find ways to procure much-needed equipment and resources, developing the skills of those within his command, and leads by example, both in the way he carries himself and in his work ethic, which helps to inspire those around him. Brad is a doer who combines his law enforcement prowess, leadership skills and genuine personality to effect change, and I am very excited to see him move the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office forward.

By Kyle Nicholson, Coralville

Brad Kunkel is running for Johnson County sheriff and he deserves your vote. Brad has worked right here in Johnson County for the past 19 years as a deputy with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the hundreds of contacts Brad has made throughout his career will help him serve the community as Johnson County sheriff. Brad is very qualified for the position of sheriff after serving on the Solon City Council, the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) Board of Directors and the 100+ Men Who Care Board of Directors.

Brad is a team player and he has plans to collaborate with all Johnson County law enforcement entities on a computer forensics and cybercrime task force. Brad will continue supporting the Jail Alternatives Program by connecting inmates with appropriate programs in an effort to reduce recidivism. Brad will continue working to help those with mental illness and substance abuse specifically through the new GuideLink Center. My wife and I continually run into Brad at various community events; he is a community servant through and through. Brad is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, he is very approachable and always willing to lend a hand.

Please join me in supporting my friend Brad Kunkel for Johnson County sheriff on June 2!

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