Letter: Ankeny businesses oppose Iowa’s proposed legislation

The Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, March 30, 2021. — Emma McClatchey/Little Village

We join together as Ankeny businesses to come out against Iowa’s current bills that are anti-LBGTQ, that seek to ban books, that remove protections against child labor, and that ban social-emotional learning — bills which are on track to become law within the week.

We need more businesses to speak up as we are already seeing people leave the state, a teacher shortage, and difficulty finding employees because of years of bad legislation coming out of the Iowa statehouse — legislation that the majority of Iowans do not support. This hateful and discriminatory legislation will directly impact our businesses’ ability to find and retain employees (and customers) and to thrive in our state.

Ankeny businesses provide so much to our community but our ability to do business is at risk. Our businesses contribute to the tax base and support many nonprofits and school organizations. Many business owners with LGBTQ families will be forced to close if this legislation becomes law and that loss will be felt throughout all of the community. We do not want what’s come to pass in other states that have passed similar legislation: no one wanting to invest here, no one wanting to hold events or tournaments here, difficulties in workforce attraction.

Dungeon’s Gate Games & Books
Slick Designs
Uptown Confections & Curiosities
West Forty Market
Trailside Tap
Cookies & Dreams
Uptown Garage & Brewing
Walls of Books Ankeny
Firetrucker Brewery
Café Diem
The Dealt Hand
Bright Beginnings Preschool at Ankeny First