La Reyna hosts Slow Food Iowa City's 'Day of the Dead' Harvest Dinner

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King Corn to the Iowa City Public Library, accompanied by King Corn writer and co-producer Ian Cheney (Cheney will be speaking November 19).

Though SFIC has been keeping busy, Brackett sees the University of Iowa as an untapped resource. The only Slow Food Iowa university chapter is currently stationed in Grinnell, but Kelcey Brackett wants to see the University of Iowa get on board.

“We’d like to see it happen,” he said. “It’s just a matter of finding the right students to get that started. We’re interested in helping other students get their own thing going.”

Iowa City has seen nine new restaurants open in the last year alone.  As the local culinary scene is becoming more worldly, SFIC hopes local foodies will encourage these restaurants to think ever more slowly.