KRUI@CMJ – Late Thursday update

Oct 23, 2008, 8:09pm

Our friends at KRUI caught a hot show last night with Lykke Li. I’ve never heard Lykke Li, or at least I’d never heard of them until I stopped by their MySpace page and found the song Little Bit. Where had I heard that? Turns out its been used in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Was that it? Nope. So I scoured my mp3 collection and found that I’d downloaded that very song from Sterogum one year ago.

Now either I’m way hipper than I thought, or it was a one-off stroke of luck. I’ll go with the later. Anyway, great song and you can still download it for free from Sterogum.

But, the real news from the CMJ (at least as far as my inner 12 year old is concerned) is that 2 Live Crew has a special appearance Saturday night at 2am. I remember the fuss over the explicit lyrics in Nasty as They Wanna Be and hiding a bootleg copy of the cassette tape in my bedroom. Ok, so Me So Horny certainly wasn’t squeaky clean, but similar raunchy poetry is so shockingly common place now that mothers don’t bat an eye at their kids singing “Skeet skeet skeet” to Lil Jon’s Get Low or yelling “Superman dat hoe”while dancing the Soulja Boy.

Kids these days…don’t even have to hide bootleg tapes. Ah, memories.

– Andrew Sherburne

Oct 22 2008, 10:58am

Ok, we’re kind of live-blogging this thing on the front page. Enjoy…

Day two of the CMJ is under way. Not that anyone is awake and functional out there in NYC yet.

The CMJ festival, ever more so than the music industry’s other big fest, SXSW, is often a coming out party for new artists. Future-stars are often born at the CMJ, from Death Cab for Cutie to Weezer or the ultimate college-heros R.E.M. The festival is the Nostradamus of the music world, divining our musical tastes for 2009 in one week of shows.

Of course, it’s hard NOT to pick a few good bands when your schedule has round the clock performances at 70-some venues. Given that, without prior knowledge, I can’t sit in my Iowa living room and predict the future of music. But, if I had to pick one band poised for a break out, I’m going with An Horse, an indie-rock duo from Brisbane, Oz.

I may be cheating because they just finished opening for the aforementioned Death Cab during an August Australian tour, so they’re not small change. But they haven’t hit it big stateside, yet. The band has been compared to Rilo Kiley, Veruca Salt, Liz Phair and just about any other female rocker of the last 15 years. Still, that’s good companhy. Check out the MP3 below for a taste.

Stay informed.

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An Horse – Company.mp3

– Andrew Sherburne

Oct 21 2008, 9:35am


Oh, the envy is just seething out of me. KRUI deejays are in New York this week tasting the newest musical morsels to hit the college radio scene this fall. At the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, the number of bands there fall into the Too-Many-Didn’t-Count category, and who knows which of these are going to be the latest to break out from the college music scene.

As far as better-known bands go, Deerhoof will be there, so will Broken Social Scene. But to find out who’s in the running for the soon-to-be-better-known bands, I’ll be watching the KRUI blog, with my cursor poised over the refresh button.

Inspired, Little Village will be doing some blogging of its own, checking out the bands at an oh-so unfortunate distance. Check back daily for new posts.

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