Kozak requests trial outside of Johnson County

Alexander Kozak — the man accused of murdering Iowa Children’s Museum worker Andrea Farrington on June 12 — has requested to move his trial outside of Johnson County. His attorneys, Peter Persaud and Rachel Antonucio, contend in a 199-page motion filed at the Johnson County Courthouse on Tuesday, that “impaneling an impartial jury is made more difficult because of press coverage discussing deceased victim in connection to Mr. Kozak’s charge. The media has provided unequivocally positive coverage of Ms. Farrington.”

Persaud and Antonucio cite articles from almost every major media outlet in eastern Iowa in the motion, arguing that extensive coverage of the crime has made a fair trial in Johnson County impossible. Kozak, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder, faces a potential sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of parole if convicted.

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