Jeff Tweedy

w. Snowblink
Wednesday, March 30 – Englert Theatre – SOLD OUT

As a songwriter, Jeff Tweedy has achieved success on several levels via the alt. country underground, the indie underground and the relative mainstream. Whether it’s the worn-in country of Uncle Tupelo, the golden era in Wilco with cohort Jay Bennett, or that band’s later years in the spotlight, Tweedy has always been able to find impressive outlets for his music. He’s never been one to settle–the rustic tint of a classic album like Being There is so aesthetically different from the sonic experimentation on Summerteeth or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Likewise, his song structures are alternately simple and direct–the Dylan-esque standout “She’s A Jar”–or progressive and elliptical–the Kraut-rock groove of “Spiders (Kidsmoke).”

The common element, though, has always been Tweedy’s distinct and familiar voice. His solo, intimate performance at this year’s festival offers an opportunity to experience a future legend in his most honest, stripped-down form.

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