Iowa native Chris Soules debuts tonight on ‘The Bachelor’

Chris Soules of Arlington, Iowa makes his debut tonight in the season 19 (season 19!) premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor, a strangely anachronistic show wherein dozens of women compete on national television for one man’s affection.

It’s a pretty strange concept for 2015, right?

This season, the producers have a twist in store for the Iowa native, whom the network has dubbed “Prince Farming.” In the lead-up to tonight’s premiere, a promotional video unveils that Soules — after meeting his 15 potential soul mates — will then meet an additional fifteen contestants, bringing the total up to 30 women. This will undoubtedly lead to heavy confrontation, because how could it not? And therein lies the entertainment value, America!

In conjunction with the show, Homegrown Iowan points out that a number of single men in Arlington have come together to create “The Other Bachelors of Arlington, Iowa” calendar as a fundraiser for the town’s community center. The calendar has raised about $8,000, according to Homegrown Iowan, and has already obtained a few thousand “likes” on Facebook.

Alrington, a town with a population of about 400 people (and shrinking, if census data is any indication), is located in Fayette County, Iowa, about 60 miles north of Cedar Rapids.

If you’re looking for sexy kisses, copious amounts of tears and impossible love scenarios, check out ABC’s The Bachelor tonight at 7 p.m.

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