Iowa City’s Younger lands spot on national chart

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Iowa City band Younger made an exciting appearance this week at number 41 on the ABC News list of the 50 Best Albums of 2015. It’s always wonderful to see a local name pop up among such well-known fare as Janet Jackson, Local H and Alabama Shakes. The list’s author, reviewer Allan Raible, notes that the trio’s self-titled disc “is among the most obscure albums on this list,” but adds unequivocally that “it is a truly excellent discovery.”

Bassist Amanda Crosby, drummer Sarah Mannix and guitarist Rachel Sauter are likely growing used to the attention. In Raible’s original review of their April release, he called the album “a continuously enthralling listen.” The Little Village review was equally as enraptured, with Prairie Pop columnist Kembrew McLeod pointing out that “[i]t would be reductive to call Younger a 1990s revival group—because they bring much more to the table,” … but they’ve been beloved here in their home city since long before their album even dropped. Buzz was building as early as their debut show in 2014, thanks to the musicians’ success with their earlier projects (Crosby and Sauter in Emperor’s Club; Mannix with The Wandering Bears). Younger is definitely on the rise nationally, now, especially among devotees of the riot grrl sound that they embrace.

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