Iowa City Weekender: July 24-28

It’s a good week for music, a hopeful week for trains, and an even better week for discarded film stock. Huh?

Friday, July 24

Found Footage FestivalFound Footage Festival | The Picador | 10pm | $10

If you hoped that old home movie you made 20 years ago had permanently vanished, you may be wrong. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, hosts of The Found Footage Festival showcase the absurd videos found at garage sales, thrift stores and dumpsters throughout the country. Adding their own comedic observations to the show, Joe and Nick celebrate and lampoon decades of almost-forgotten footage–from Hulkamania to workplace safety, to (attempted) self-glorifying home videos. Irresistible.

Saturday, July 25

Chingy | The Industry, downtown IC | 8pm | $25-30

Since busting onto the rap scene in 2003 with singles “Right Thurr” and “Holidae Inn,” Chingy hasn’t been able to duplicate the success that first album. But, as far as hip-hop names go, his is still plenty recognizable, and this Saturday’s concert is being looked at as a barometer for future hip-hop shows. The Industry wants to be the local go-to for hip-hop, and the venue is best suited for big shows. If mainstream rap is your flavor, show your support and hope that bigger things are yet to come.

Cursive | The Picador, downtown IC | 6pm | $15

Iowa City is a mainstay on tour for Saddle Creek Records’ acts. The Omaha Sound is always welcome here, and Cursive is one of the label’s best and longest-running associations. Low-fi guitar rock, a little punk, a little country and even horns are a part of Cursive’s latest release “Mama, I’m Swollen,” about which says “Cursive haven’t sounded this crazed and inspired since their breakthrough album”

Sunday, July 26

Culver’s Whistlestop | Historic Train Depot, IC, | Noon | Free

First off: free hot dogs and lemonade with the gov’ner. How can you pass that up? Gov. Chet Culver rolls into town as part of his Whistelstop rally to build support for the proposed Chicago Flyer rail service to the Windy City. Once upon a time, train tours brought out the whole community. This might be a smaller affair, but we could use better train service in this country, so stop by and show support, or at least grab a lemonade.

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BONUS: Tuesday, July 28

Daytrotter Barnstormer | Secrest 1883 Octogonal Barn, 5750 Osage St., West Liberty | 6pm | Free

The folks at, not content with giving the world free studio recordings of our favortie indie artists, have decided to take their show on the road. Best part(s): Free admission, and awesome venues. The six city…er, town…tour will take place in barns and attics in Iowa and Wisconsin. Featuring Daytotter alums ranging from rapper Mac Lethal to pop rockers Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, the show is an all ages, all styles throwback jam. Be sure to stop by first and bone up on the artists, then get in your car and drive to the country.

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