Iowa City Weekender: January 7-9

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Eerily quiet downtown today.  Classic snowy tree scenes, the deafening, paranoia-inducing sound of snow creaking under your boots – or is it just me?  Thankfully in Iowa City there are many ways to fight cabin fever, but it seems this week that live music is the #1 cure for what ails me.  So here’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend:


The Sound Thoughts w/ Nuclear Rodeo and Exposed Fiction | The Mill | 9 pm | $6

Why not first break the ice with some old-school poppy alternative rock, the likes of which have not been heard since the mid-late 90s?  It’s so poppy and yet so alternative.  It’s so rocky and yet so shopping mall-y.  If you have a secret nostalgic love for bands like Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters or Alien Ant Farm, you’ll love Cedar Rapids’ The Sound Thoughts, opening your weekend tonight at the Mill with Ames’ Nuclear Rodeo and locals Exposed Fiction.


Rosalee Motor Revival with Skye Carrasco | Java House | 8 pm | FREE

Another current local band with a throwback sound, this one harkening back a bit farther to early R.E.M. or 10,000 Maniacs.  What is it –  Jangle pop?  Paisley underground?  See below, decide for yourself.  All I know is I like it:

(Video Link)

Catch them live – for free! – this Friday night at 8, in what could be an ideal setting – the cozy warmth of the Java House downtown.

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They will be performing with the marvelously talented Skye Carrasco.  If you can’t make it to the 8:00 show, but you are free during the day, head down at 2 pm – Skye is playing an early set for Iowa Public Radio’s Java Blend, with Ben Kieffer.

If this isn’t enough entertainment for you, head to the Mill after the Java House for a hunk’o hunk’o burnin’ fun at the 12th Annual Elvis Tribute/Birthday Party featuring performances by:

Here Comes Elvis & The Kings of Creole(Luther Bangert & Friends)

Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear

Fried Banana Sandwich(Tim Krein)

The Surf Zombies

The Clambake 4(featuring members of The Diplomats of Solid Sound and The Bent Scepters)

Pete Balestrieri

Sam Knutson

Burning Halos


Samuel Locke-Ward w/ Viking Fuck, Yuppies and Prairies | Public Space One | 9 pm| $?

This Saturday, a 4-act bill headlined by Samuel Locke-Ward and the Boo-hoos will put the icing on three days of cake at PS1:

Thursday: Molly Ringwald, Limbs and Digits, Disgruntled Noise Box, Billy Harris

Friday: The Work Clock Does, Claudia Nagy

Saturday: Samuel Locke-Ward, Viking Fuck, Yuppies, Prairies

The cherry on top comes this Monday, January 11, when the aforementioned Rosalee Motor Revival, Skye Carrasco and Caleb Engstrom open up for The Fancy.

If you aren’t familiar yet with Caleb Engstrom, I urge you to please give him a listen:

Here’s his myspace

And here he is on Daytrotter

That’s all for now.  If you are staying in, please don’t outbid me for the Crucifix Potato (Straight outta Marion!)

Oh, and if this month’s LV has you feeling all inspired to get down with winter birds, check out the MacBride Raptor Project

Have a great weekend,


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