Iowa City Weekender: February 11-14


Green Drinks | Red Avocado | 5:30 pm | Free admission – great wine list!

This weekend, start your love fest with an alcohol infused meditation on the big things we sometimes take for granted – fresh air, potable water, that’s right… the environment! If you heart the environment despite it’s occasionally godawful temperatures, head to Green Drinks at The Red Avocado.  Taking place the 2nd Thursday of every month, Green Drinks is the perfect place to share ideas about environmental issues in Iowa City.  If you are passionately green, head to the ‘Avocado for good conversation, food and drinks, and a chance to connect with local environmentally-minded people. Who knows, you might end up finding yourself a like-minded Valentine to keep you warm as the sun slowly wanders back up north.

J. Holiday | IMU | 7-9 pm | $25 | all ages

Show your new sweetie exactly how you roll, hittin’ up happy hours and romantic slow jam shows – always for a good cause.  Grammy nominated crooner J. Holiday brings his smooth r&b jams to the IMU tonight for a show benefiting Haiti.  Haiti benefits?  Still?  Yes, still.  It’s way BAD.  Tsunami bad.  Buy a ticket, and buy a Hawks for Haiti t-shirt for $10 – 100% of t-shirt proceeds and a % of ticket revenue will go to the Red Cross.  Tickets on sale now at The University Box Office in the IMU and at Ticketmaster.


10-Minute Play Festival | UI Theater Building, Theatre B | 8 pm | $5, free with Student ID

The very A.D.H.D.-friendly 10-minute Play Festival offers 8 student-produced plays at a great price.  Imagine – you hardly need any cash, you won’t need your ritalin, and if they give you a few minutes in between each play, you can even bong a 2-liter of Mountain Dew beforehand and get up to make pee as often as you like – Yes!

This year’s festival plays include:
–“Quintelligiate” by Lauren Baker, directed by Alex Iben.
–“Event Gar-Day” by John Bogulski, directed Caitlin Hurban.
–“The Diner” by Amy Haeussler, directed by Søren Olsen.
–“Talking Rocks” by Samuel Hawkins , directed by Theresa Ausburger.
–“An Unlikely Pair” by Ashley Hnesh, directed by Corey Homewood.
–“Blue Line Sirens” by Kreg Kennon, directed by Kyle Niemer.
–“Move” by Nicole Sedivec, directed by Kathleen Hession.
–“Eiffel, Je T’aime” by Mary Vogel, directed by Brittainy Barrattia.


Peking Acrobats | Englert | 7 pm | $20-30

Having sufficiently departed from our romantic theme, here’s an event that can easily be enjoyed solo.  Sit in a comfy Englert chair with your jaw dropped observing the awesome powers of the Peking Acrobats!  You can even drool on yourself, if need be, but no food inside the Englert so leave your Mountain Dew and Cheezy Poofs at home.

Seriously, check it!


Down With Love! | The Mill | 7:30 | $6

Matter of fact, let’s not be indifferent to the dizzying swirl of commercialized romance, let us snarl and spit upon Hallmark’s Cupid and his Nestle bow with the help of Dreamwell Theater.  As Director Josh Sazon notes in the latest edition of LV, “Love is not cutesy, love is not sweet and happy and wonderful. For the most part, it really is an absolutely wretched condition to be in, where pain and insecurity and miscommunication and petty jealousy is the order of the day.”  Oh, funny cause it’s sad.  Sigh… Well, whichever brand of sadness defines your V-day – Sazon’s ‘love,’ or the solitude of our drooling Peking hero – support local theater by commiserating with Dreamwell, which promises “an evening of heartbreaking, pathetic, neurotic and devastating songs for cynics, singles, sad sacks (& even you crazy lovebirds!)”

Have a great weekend!



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