Iowa City Weekender – August 20-24

Welcome to Welcome Weekend, Weekenders!

Yes, a weekend ‘specially designed for one of my favorite things: Sensory Overload.

Our brains a-tingle, our appendages perhaps convulsing, our bewildered eyeballs falling out of our heads on their springs; from now until next Monday, life will feel like one long sneeze.

But going off to college isn’t all fun and sneezing.  It can be a scary thing.  One needs role models!  So, The Official Picador Iowa City Welcoming Committee has organized a 4-day Welcome Weekend event that is sure to pacify your parents and make all of you newcomers feel right at home…


Camp Dirtbag: A Festival for High Minded Low Lifes | The Picador | Free

You may or may not have missed the art show that kicked things off last night, but here’s the lineup for the rest of the weekend:


East Coast vs. West Coast w/ DJ Coolzey and Mr. Boogie Man battle on the 1’s and 2’s upstairs. School of Flyentology, DJ Joshyboy and Beast Wars downstairs.


Tanks, Naked Hasselhoff, Snow Demon, Petit Mal, Datagun, Bongrider and Viking F*ck upstairs. DJ Set downstairs with special guests (TO BE ANNOUNCED!).


Shores of the Tundra, Aseethe, Showering Ashes, Grism, Supersonic Piss, Star City and The Manimal Orchestra upstairs. JUNKTRON will be DJ’ing downstairs as well as a few special guests in the beer garden to start things early.

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Did you see that?  I didn’t think so.  It’s too much to be seen.  Just like all the snot and germs that fly out of you when you sneeze.  Coincidence??


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | Pentacrest, outside MacBride Hall | Time: Sunset | Free

This summer we lost John Hughes, director of the essential role-model movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as well as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, the Home Alone series, the National Lampoon’s series and a host of other flicks that defined a generation.

This is the last weekend to enjoy the Free Movie Series, hosted by Summer of the Arts, so go pay your respects to Mr Hughes and see if you can learn a thing or two from the best bad student of our time, Ferris Bueller.


Support PATV | City Council Chamber: Harvet Hall, 410 E. Washington Street | 5:30 pm | FREE

PATV is free to watch and free to participate in.  Little Village is a free magazine.  The free press may not be the only thing there, but it is certainly very almost nearly possibly right at the foundation of our democracy.  If PATV has been important to you or your organization, please attend this public hearing and support PATV’s bid to renew its contract with Iowa City.  You are welcome to stand up and speak for yourself, contribute written notes to be read aloud on your behalf, or to just hang out and listen.

Have fun this weekend!   And, Seriously: Be safe.  NO FIGHTING, NO HATE SPEECH or HATE CRIMES, NO SEXUAL ASSAULT.

Iowa City is a cool place.  Please, you be cool too.

Thanks for reading,


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