Iowa City Weekender: New Years Eve

This week’s Weekender is brought to you by Eco-Iowa City’s Green New Year’s Eve Party

Nice idea, Eco-Iowa City – Register your ‘green resolution’ and chart your progress (publicly, on the online forum, or privately, like confession and stuff, on their server) for 4 months, from New Year’s Day to Earth Day, April 22, 2010.  Bring the kids and celebrate the occasion with games, prizes, and crafts today, 2-4, at the Iowa City Public Library.  Remember, you may recycle as loudly as you like!

Welcome to the resolutionary Weekender, hereby dubbed the “Ask not what Iowa City can do for you” edition

New Years Eve

So, what can we do for Iowa City?

#1: Eat local!

There’s nowhere more local than The Red Avocado, so why not start there?  100% vegan and organic, so props to your own health as well…

Take a look at Tonight’s 4-course dinner feature:

  • Apple, Toasted Cashew & Raisins with Moscato-reduction Drizzle, paired with Innocent Bystander; Moscato, Rose, 2009
  • Choice of Roasted Root Vegetable Soup or Roasted Root Vegetable Salad, paired with Domaine de Pral; Gamay Beaujolais, 2007
  • Avocado and Crimini Mushroom Sushi with Tofu-Miso Sauce, Microgreens, Pickled Ginger and Horseradish, paired with Domaine de l’Elephant; Grenache Blanc, 2007
  • Vanilla Cake with Spiced Cranberry Compote, paired with Mandolin; Pinot Noir, 2007

Food Only  $34  |   Food and Wine  $68     (Tax and Gratuity not included)

#2: Dance where we’re not supposed to:

Tonight, the staff at Motley Cow Cafe are moving the tables and staying late to injure themselves dancing with you.  Get under the influence of their always inventive cocktails, and have a laugh dancing in their dining room.

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#3: Pour a little out for the decade gone

Few Iowa City bands have contributed to more memorable nights in the last ten years than Euforquestra and Public Property.  Tickets are steep at $25, but worth it to see 2 of the most accomplished Iowa City bnds of the decade, together, in Iowa City’s best sounding room – the Englert.

#4: um, rock, regularly (and shell it out to do so), so we can keep having great music all the time, all over town.

Think the night has ended?  Think again – the best rock show of New Year’s Eve is going on at the Mill: Illinois John Fever, Liberty Leg and Hott, starting at 9, tickets are a paltry $6, so go support another show, for goodness’ sake!

Have a great 2010,


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