‘Innovation is Encouraged’: UI Office of President asks faculty to submit revenue strategies

In a letter sent to faculty on Sept. 1, Prof. Chaden Djalali, dean of the University of Iowa’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS), invited faculty to partake in what he called “a wonderful opportunity” to come up with new revenue strategies for the University of Iowa.

“Suggestions might include new online courses or certificates,” he suggested, “a new professional masters’ degree program, or a consulting initiative.”

That’s right, faculty and staff, please put your teaching on hold and run (Do not walk! Proposals are due by Sept. 15) to your nearest TED innovation hour and start synergizing core competencies toward groundbreaking, Regents-proof business plans.

Hold up, though. The new president is an expert at Executing Strategy, so you will want to make sure it’s a really good strategy — one that you have thought all the way through. For example, Djalali advises, you should definitely include information on your proposal’s “anticipated target audience.”

The top ten faculty-generated revenue strategies will be forwarded on to the President’s Office, where, incidentally, a $2.4 million renovation is soon to be underway.

Here is the complete letter, submitted for your enjoyment by a UI faculty member:

Call for Proposals_new revenue

After launching Suitcase 8, you will be requested to serialize a

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