Hurts Donut Co. opens up shop in the heart of Coralville

Hurts Donut Co. opened their doors last Thursday at 5 a.m. and haven’t closed them since.

The 24/7 — or “25/8,” as they say at Hurts — donut shop at 1301 5th St. in Coralville (previously Mendoza Wine Bar), specializes in sugar-stacked cake-style donuts for those who are neither faint of heart nor weak of stomach.

Hurts rotates through a selection of 70 flavors with a plethora of toppings, with about 20 varieties available at any given time. With curious crowds continuing to line up, we saw more than six trays of fresh donuts come and go. There are no menus, and some of the donuts are ambiguously named, but the staff was super helpful and happy to answer questions.

When it comes to ordering a dozen, you can go about this one of two ways: pick your own “Dirty Dozen,” or trust the staff to pick a “Hurts Dozen” for you and save a couple of bucks. We ordered a Hurts Dozen for the office, and our trust was not betrayed: Hurts’ overwhelming variety was well represented, including chocolate moose munch, mint-Oreo, some topped with sugar cereals, cotton candy or pretzel among other flavors. There weren’t any raised donuts (the more traditional, fried style, as opposed to cake-style), but the shop confirmed they do sell them — just really, really quickly.

Being a brand new store, there have been lines running out the door pretty much since they opened, but these will surely die down and you shouldn’t let that stop you from checking out Hurts. Donut lovers and adventure seekers will find a delicious, high quality donut for a fair price, and definitely enough variety to keep you satisfied.

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