Here’s what you need to know about the 2015 Northside Oktoberfest

Photo by Kirsten Elisabeth Kumpf
Photo by Kirsten Elisabeth Kumpf

Northside Oktoberfest

Saturday, Oct. 3

The ever-evolving Northside Oktoberfest takes place this Saturday, Oct. 3 at 12 p.m. In anticipation of the event, Little Village and the Iowa City Downtown District have compiled a list of the newest changes and additions to the festival, and answered some frequently asked questions.

Changes and Additions

This year the festival will take place in the cozy and familiar Northside, but it will be an open-air festival. There will be virtually no fencing, and all are welcome to come down and experience the live music, specialty food vendors, games and fun. But in order to drink you need to have purchased a ticket. Hopefully, you’ve done so already, as tickets sold out this afternoon.

Also new this year: Whitedog Import Auto Service will introduce the Real Ale Contest, wherein Brewmaster pass holders will judge nine regional brewers and 12 beers to name the real Real Ale.

In addition to the many games, inflatables and giant slide, there will be a children’s stage near the Soda Fest to provide all-day entertainment for kids and adults alike.

And don’t forget to stop by the Little Village-sponsored Adult Games area to say hello and try your hand at Hammerschlagen!


Do I have to be 21+ to attend Northside Octoberfest?

No, this is an all ages event. However, you must be 21+ with a valid ID and a General Admission or BrewMaster ticket to consume alcohol at the event.

Do I need to buy a ticket to drink at Northside Oktoberfest?

Yes, you must purchase a General Admission or BrewMaster ticket. This year, we will have an open festival design, allowing those who choose to not drink to participate in non-drinking festival activities without a ticket.

Why is there a line at the entrance of the festival?

Many beer enthusiasts line up well in advance for the festival, and there will most likely be a line at the entrance to Northside Oktoberfest. An ID check of all who enter is required. The line will move quickly if you have your ID out to make the age verification process run smoothly.

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What else can I do besides drink?

If beer isn’t your thing, there is still plenty to do at the Northside Oktoberfest. We’ll have SodaFest featuring a variety of craft sodas, food vendors, a rock climbing wall for the kids and the Iowa Hawkeyes football game on a massive TV.

There’s a University of Iowa Hawkeye’s football away game on TV that day. I need to watch my Hawks; will there be a TV showing the game at the festival?

In true Iowa fashion, we will have a massive HDTV furnished by Rausch Productions broadcasting the Iowa v. Wisconsin game.

Can I bring my family?

Yes, this is a family event. We have a children’s area equipped with a children-sized rock wall and soda fest for those who aren’t of age or do not want to drink. They do not need to purchase a ticket if they are not drinking.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure, but it has to be on a leash and we have to check its ID if they want to drink. Just kidding, you shouldn’t give your dog beer but Fido is still welcome at Northside Oktoberfest as long as he is leashed.

Are there Designated Driver tickets available?

No. Since the festival is an open festival, you don’t need a special Designated Driver ticket to enjoy alcohol-free fun.

I plan on drinking a lot and shouldn’t drive home. Who can give me a ride home?

There are plenty of taxi companies in Iowa City that can safely get you where you need to be. Click here for a list. Northside Oktoberfest does not support, condone or encourage drunk driving at all. Please make a responsible and smart decision and take a taxi home or arrange a ride from a sober friend if you are impaired.

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