Green Gravel Comedy Fest gets weird: ‘Too Many Comics Live’ and ‘Air Sex’ head to Gabe’s in February

With the announcement of its first first presale show, the 2015 Green Gravel Comedy Festival seems intent on making good on it’s “Let’s Get Weird” slogan.

Headlining the festival’s Feb. 27 show at Gabe’s will be a comedy performance arranged by Chris Kelly, creator of the Adult Swim short Too Many Cooks, the epically bizarre TV show parody and tour-de-force of alternative comedy that became a viral sensation last November. The show will also feature comedian Chris Trew’s Air Sex, a competition that brings the air guitar treatment to all the physical feats involved in getting it on.

Kelly’s performance, tentatively titled “Too Many Cooks Live,” will included comedy sketches by David Willis, the voice of both Meatwad and Carl from Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force and co-creator with Kelly of Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (“a workplace comedy set in hell” as Kelly describes it). The event will also feature Henry Zebrowski, the star of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell and in addition to sketches, exclusive comedy videos created by Kelly and Willis will be screened.

“As far as what to expect for the live show I feel, like our TV shows, it’s best to go in blind to get the most surprise and delight,” said Kelly. “But if you were to twist my arm I would say we’ll start with a solid 10 minutes of comedy, videos and interaction with the audience, followed by a 70-minute lecture about income inequality and the destruction of the middle class, democracy and the American dream. And probably some funny songs, too.”

Air Sex is about making passionate, passionate love to nothing at all -- Photo courtesy of Air Sex
Air Sex is about making passionate, passionate love to nothing at all — Photo courtesy of Air Sex

Trew expressed his excitement about bringing Air Sex, which will be featured in it’s own documentary this year, to Iowa City, remarking that audiences in college towns seem more receptive to the idea of the show. While Trew encourages all participants to have fun with their air sex performance, he notes that, as with any competition, those looking to win have to approach it seriously.

“It’s a lot like actual sex — you’ve got to commit fully to whatever you’re doing,” said Trew. “Any routines of the ‘Oops, I climaxed too soon’ variety will disappoint the rowdy crowd exactly like it would disappoint a sexual partner. Also, pick a good song — that always sets the tone.”

In addition to Air Sex and Too Many Cooks Live, the show will feature local comedic and musical talent. Comedian Tom Garland, host of the Yacht Club’s Catacombs of Comedy, will perform stand up and the show will conclude with a rave-style dance party put on by Iowa City DJ Josh Messer. The ticket price for the show includes free beer for attendees, as long as supplies last.