Graywolf Poetry Tour comes to Prairie Lights

Katie Ford will be reading tonight at Prairie Lights --Photo courtesy of Graywolf Press
Katie Ford reads tonight at Prairie Lights along with Jim Moore and Matthea Harvey — photo courtesy of Graywolf Press

The Graywolf Poetry Tour

Prairie Lights — Friday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m.

The Graywolf Press brings it’s poetry tour to Prairie Lights tonight. Graywolf Press is widely esteemed for publishing vibrant contemporary work by a range of established and emerging writers, including heavyweights of poetry like William Stafford, Albert Goldbarth and Elizabeth Alexander. Three Graywolf poets will be appearing tonight: Jim Moore, Matthea Harvey and Katie Ford.

Jim Moore’s well-crafted poems run the gamut from praise-song to lament while staying grounded in the fine details of immediate experience. Moore’s work has appeared widely in some of the nation’s best journals and presses for many years. His latest book from Graywolf is Underground: New And Selected Poems. His work is a fine choice for readers who seek a refuge from more erudite and obscure poetry without compromising substance or emotional impact. Samples of his work can be found here.

Matthea Harvey’s poems offer wonderfully strange and true visions of day-to-day absurdity. Here is an excerpt from “The Future of Terror / 11” included in her award-winning 2007 Graywolf book Modern Life.

From the gable window, we shot
at what was left: gargoyles and garden gnomes.
I accidentally shot the generator
which would have been hard to gloss over
in a report except we weren’t writing reports
anymore. We ate our gruel and watched
the hail crush the hay we’d hoped to harvest.
I found a handkerchief drying on a hook
and without a hint of irony, pocketed it.
Here was my hypothesis: we were inextricably
fucked. We’d killed all the inventors and all
the jesters just when we most needed humor
and invention …

Harvey will be reading from her recently published collection, If The Tabloids Are True, What Are You?

Katie Ford, author of four books of poetry, is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. She joins the Graywolf Poetry Tour in support of her latest book Blood Lyric. Poetry magazine praises her “poetry of detail and care … set within an epic arc.”

Anyone wishing to stay abreast of contemporary poetry should be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to hear these fine poets read from their work.

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