Gose Shore by Exile Brewing Company is LV’s August 2016 Brew of the Month

The beer of the month is a tart but tasty and drinkable brew that should wet your whistle on the hot, sticky, long days of August — Gose Shore, brewed by the Exile Brewing Company of Des Moines.

Photo by Annie Sexton
Photo by Annie Sexton

Gose Shore is best served in a weizen glass or a stange, which is a tall, skinny, straight-sided glass typically associated with kölsches. Much like hefeweizens, pour Gose Shore carefully because it is very carbonated. The color is cloudy, bright wheat. A careful pour will produce a finger or more of dense, shiny, wheat-tinted head that settles slowly and leaves a few trails of lacing. The aroma is sharp and tart with scents of apricot, musk melon and light strawberry.

Seasoned with coriander and salt, Gose Shore’s mouthfeel is thick and smooth. Unlike other tart beers, though, Gose Shore is very drinkable. The tartness predominates, but it is not off the charts or offensive. It is complemented by flavors of apricot, musk melon, lemon meat and seed, light orange and also a hint of strawberry.

Alcohol Content: 5 percent ABV.

Food Pairings: Smoked seafood, light fare such as salads, fruit salad that includes watermelon, salty pretzels and lemon desserts, including lemon meringue pie.

Where to Buy: Look for Gose Shore at the major beer retailers, including Hy-Vee and John’s Grocery.

Price: $8–9 for a four-pack of 12-ounce bottles, and $3 for a single bottle.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 203.