Photos: Goat cuddling at Howell’s Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch

Goat cuddling at Howell’s Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch is happening now until Monday, June 26 starting every morning at 10!

Share the play pin with the kids who spend their time relishing the attention, fighting over napping spots, getting random zoomies, or having a tasty snack — whether it be clothing or grass.

And when the kids all take a group nap, head down to the see the nannies and billies baaaaaaa for pets and treats. Also, look for the four newborn babies that were brought into the world earlier this week on Tuesday, May 9.

If you couldn’t get enough of the goats, take advantage of “Go Goats, Go!” to care for two goats for an hour starting in June.

While you’re at the farm, take a look at its beautiful selection of plants and other animals like horses and bunny rabbits. Also check out the gift shop, which carries a variety of modern pottery, dried herbs, and more.