Wire: Glenn Beck can’t wait for Rush Limbaugh memorials all over America

Glenn Beck isn’t happy about street names these days

In yet another of his “I must share my random whims with the nation” moments, Glenn Beck wants America to know that he’s really cheesed off over having to drive past a street sign for Cesar Chavez Boulevard in Salt Lake City, which is just RIDICULOSE because there are no Messicans in Utah, by law. Unable to let a moment of butthurt like that go to waste, Beck took to his webby Blaze TV thing Monday to call on Real Americans to oppose Them and the way

“they’re revising our history every step of the way … Now you tell me what Cesar Chavez Boulevard has to do with Salt Lake City.”

Good point! Why on earth would any American city want to name a street after the president of Venezuela anyway?

To combat creeping street sign sharia, Beck proposed that Real Americans — who are white and do not like labor leaders from California — fight back:

“If you’ve got a town that has a Cesar Chavez Boulevard, I want you to start a campaign … And if you’re in a small town where you don’t have a Cesar Chavez Boulevard, you have to understand — you have to embed what we are and who we are.”

Again, we just love what that man does with pronouns. Where can Yr Doktor Zoom go to resign from this “we” he is talking about? And how will “we” take back America from the scary multiculturalists?

“Get on your city council, or get your city council to start putting in a George Washington Memorial Boulevard, a Thomas Jefferson Memorial Boulevard, a Rush Limbaugh Memorial Boulevard. Whatever the boulevard is, they are doing it to us; make sure you are ramping it up in your town and putting those boulevards and those street names [in place]“

We would like to take a moment to point out that Rush Limbaugh, unlike his spiritual mentor Francisco Franco, is not dead. Is Beck knitting Freudian slippers?

Meanwhile, geographic factors may limit the number of streets that can be renamed after Limbaugh, since they would have to be narrow, slanted, and full of sharp turns to the right. It is unclear whether the streets would be one-way, or would celebrate his alleged fondness for underaged Dominican rentboys.

By Doktor Zoom

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