Get down with the darkness at Public Space One

Down for a gloomy and doomy metal show this weekend? Baton Rouge-based Thou and hometown heroes Aseethe will be at Public Space One this Saturday at 1 p.m.

Thou is not for your casual listener. As the case with most doom metal, their lengthy songs often shift from calm to frantic in just one riff and focus on melancholic topics. But Thou takes it up a notch. While their instrumentation may resemble doom metal gods Black Sabbath, their vocals and lyrics take on a more Cannibal Corpse approach.

Singer Bryan Funck’s shrieks are absolutely brutal, and the group’s lyrics, when comprehensible, tell tragic and even gruesome stories, exemplified in “Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean” and “Ode to Physical Pain.” In addition to these grisly songs, they also often do covers, usually of Sabbath or any of the Seattle grunge bands.

Iowa City’s Aseethe focuses more on the haunting elements of doom metal. Eerie electronics make for a chilling ambience, akin to a horror movie. But instead of a deranged killer, we are ambushed by merciless guitars and drums. What makes this band really impressive is that so many different sounds are coming from just three people. They will be promoting their new album Reverent Burden.

Rounding out the lineup is Michigan-based Cloud Rat, who play chaotic grindcore, and Clinton, Iowa’s Useless Eaters, who take on a more traditional brand of punk. The show is free and open to all ages, but a $5 donation is strongly suggested.

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