Gabe’s gears up for a Rebel Rampage of social justice

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Rebel Rampage

Gabe’s — Monday, Aug. 19

Rebel Rampage will play a free show at Gabe’s on Monday, Aug. 19. — courtesy of the artist

Rebel Rampage is on a mission to put the political rage back in rock and roll.

“All these bands [of the ’60s and ’70s] had political messages that we are trying to bring back,” says Graham Czach, the songwriter and bassist for what he terms a “protest rock power trio.” Czach, along with fellow members guitarist Dylan McGee Jones and PunKy Balfour on drums, wants to bring that philosophy into the 21st century by circling back to what he considers the genre’s primary goal — decrying social injustice.

“The medium of [rock] music … particularly seems like the best format to put these messages out there,” said Czach. “People are upset and angry and it’s something that is serious … we’re trying to help people and inspire them to take action and help each other.”

Rebel Rampage’s debut album, Divided We Fall, utilizes components of hard rock music reminiscent of the group’s inspirations: Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden. While using classic riffs, rhythms and focused intensity listeners may have heard on the top rock charts before, their songs are anthems for modern social justice issues. “Sick of Dying” touches on the privatized health care industry, while “Women in White” is about the Suffragettes and their fight toward women’s right to vote.

“We’re speaking out, starting with sensible gun control legislation, immigration reform that makes sense and doesn’t break apart families, and allowing the free press to do what they do and communicate truthfully with the people,” said Czach.

Rebel Rampage has opened for Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine for an ACLU benefit concert and occasionally works with Headcount to help their concert goers register to vote. Their current tour is sponsored by A Voice for the Innocent, an organization giving support to victims of sexual abuse and assault.

“Every single person in the United States knows someone who has had [sexual assault] happen to them,” said Czach. For him, this proves how vital advocacy for victims of sexual violence is.

As a group made up of three men, Rebel Rampage takes on the responsibility of being a privileged leading voice, fighting alongside marginalized groups and hopefully changing the minds of people with oppressive mindsets, said Czach.

“It is my responsibility as a heterosexual, white male to speak up about the privilege that I have that’s ridiculous, that I shouldn’t have,” said Czach. “When I speak out on my platform, maybe other males and other oppressive people … will listen.”

Rebel Rampage’s show, with special guest drummer Gabe Wallace sitting in for Balfour, at Gabe’s on Aug. 19 is free and open to anyone 19 and older. Czach notes that the event is focused on inclusivity; both those already aligned with Rebel Rampage and others seeking to learn more about social justice are welcome.

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