Free $12,000 Stimulus Check!

“$12,000 Stimulus Checkswww.JeffsGrantsBlog.comI Got a $12,000 Stimulus Check in Less Than 7 Days. Get Yours!”

Sound too good to be true? Well, guess what, it surely is. Clicking through to the site will lead you to an offer for a stimulus grant writing packet, which promises instant governement riches in a matter of days.

I received this fabuluos offer this morning when I logged into my gMail account. Here’s the tacky part. You’d think this would be a spam email that snuck through gMail’s tightly controlled defenses. Not so. Google itself was serving up the spam as an ad inside my inbox. And Google isn’t the only one. It seems Facebook has the ads plastered all over too.

Both Facebook and Google have a team of ad approval monkeys whose job it is to sniff out mailcious ads, false promotions and downright illegal stuff. So why are these ads getting through? Especially at Google, whose motto is “don’t be evil?”

Seems the hard economy is taking casualties on all sides. (Dear Google, are “Jeff’s” Adwords checks clearing?) Don’t let yourslef fall victim. $2.29 may seem like a reasonable wager for the slim chance that the grant packet is real, but remember, you have to give them your personal information too, which, as the economy gets weaker, is fast becoming your most valuable asset.