The night started so well. Thundersnow!  Lightning, wind, the National Weather Service threatening 8 to 12 inches of snow and blowing snow at that.  I went to bed with dreams of fluffy white piles of snow, of the sounds of the plows and my sweet neighbor snowblowing his way down the block.  But no, when I awoke, there was no snow, or just a wee dusting.  All the plans; the possible snow day, the building of snowmen, snowwomen and snowchildren, frolicking with the dog – gone, gone, gone.  The news told stories of power outages and school closures. There was snow in Mitchelville, 15 inches, Dyersville, ten,  even nearby Cedar Rapids had five.  White envy set in.

But all wasn’t lost, I had saved my brand new socks for the big snow of the year, or years, for as you recall we had no snow of any amount in2011.  So on went the socks and the dog, her name is Nellie, and I went out for our walk.  Snow started to fall and the wind began to blow and we had a little winter after all.

Happy winter solstice eve and to a very snowy winter for all.