Find out what’s inside Little Village issue 130, April 3-17

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4 – UR Here

Thomas Dean is already missing winter and the hygge it brings. What’s hygge? Find out on page 4.

5 – On the Table

Who wins? Our stomachs. Flip to page 5 for photos and results from Iowa City’s Top Chef competition.

7 – 12 oz Curls

Casey Wagner reveals his brew of the month for April–the official month of getting reacquainted with the great outdoors.

8 – Crafty

Megan Ranegar would rather bring the outdoors in, as she shows us how to make a terrarium.

10 – Mission Creek Interview

Mission Creek Co-founder and Englert Theatre Director Andre Perry interviews Dan Boeckner of the Divine Fits.

12 – Prairie Pop

A fascinating look at the past life of Google’s Tim Quirk, former frontman for late ’80s and ’90s rock band Too Much Joy.

14 – Mission Creek Interview

Arts Editor (and electronic musician) Kent Williams chats with Pete Swanson. Swanson is among Mission Creek Festival’s headliners in the electronica category.

17 – Screenshot

In this edition of Screenshot — a series of essays on contemporary gaming culture — Pat Brown discusses the latest Tomb Raider game.

20 – Art City

Brian Prugh talks about the UI Art Faculty Biennial, currently on view at the Figge Museum in Davenport.

21 – The Stage

Working Group Theatre, a local company that constantly pushes us into complex emotional territory, brings The Broken Chord, a play that examines the effects of Alzheimer’s on communities.

22 – Talking Movies

A two-part look at the 11th Annual Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival: First, an introduction to the guest jurors by FilmScene Co-founder Andy Brodie, then an introduction to a few of the films by Kit Bryant.

25 – On the Beat

Mission Creek will soon be gone but there’s a ton of stuff to look forward to as springtime picks up momentum. In A.C. Hawley’s live music preview, read about Akron/Family, Los Vigilantes and Billy Bragg.

27 – Calendar

The Bill Sackter Centennial Celebration at Uptown Bills makes the A-list, alongside an array of very worthwhile musical, theatrical and literary performances.

30 – Local Albums

John Schlotfelt and Kent Williams review the latest releases from Dana T and Daddy.

32 – Straight Dope

Should we really be scared — to death — of corporations?

33 – News Quirks

Odd news and feats of human stupidity from around the world. We laugh so we don’t cry.

34 – Green Street

Jared Rogness’ 12-part graphic series about a veteran who’s back from his tour, but still has a chip on his shoulder.

35 – Astrology

Local astrologer Dr. Star gives us the forecast for April.