Fairfield’s Beauty Shop to host final show tonight

Little Ruckus
Little Ruckus, shown here in the music video for “Dirty Confetti” are taking part.

The Beauty Shop in Fairfield, Iowa will be holding it’s final show Friday, March 14, and it’s going to be an incredible opportunity to say goodbye to one of the best DIY venues in Iowa. With performances from Little Ruckus, Mr. Nasti, DJ Christmas Vacation, and Fearless, as well as Black Daniels and the Bears from Kirksville, Missouri, the show is also a great reminder of some of the best acts to come out of this small town.

The Beauty Shop’s aesthetic is probably best described as “in progress” — there’s an unfinished quality to the space that gives everything a feeling of limitless potential. That feeling of possibility is central to Fairfield’s vibrant music scene, with new acts popping up frequently and old acts churning out new music constantly.

Indeed, Friday’s show marks the first performance from Fearless, a punk rock Taylor Swift cover band fronted by Jason Burkhardt (of Runaway), and a set from the always-sweaty Little Ruckus, who has embarked on a semi-serious project to make 40 music videos in a single year.

But it’s not a time for mourning. Thankfully, the end of The Beauty Shop also represents the birth of a new space called The Arbor Bar, which promises to also hold shows at the same frequency of The Beauty Shop.

Friday’s show is free and all-ages, so come say your dues for one of Iowa’s best DIY spaces. The event kicks off at 9 p.m.