Experimental music act Mind Over Mirrors plays the Mill

Jaime Fennelly playing his modified pedal harmonium -- photo courtesy of Immune Recordings
Jaime Fennelly playing his electronically augmented pedal harmonium — photo courtesy of Immune Recordings

Mind Over Mirrors w/ Daniel Bachman, Phosphenes

The Mill — Thursday, Feb. 19 at 9 p.m.

Mind Over Mirrors, the electronic, harmonium-based project of musician Jaime Fennelly, performs at the Mill on Thursday. Haley Fohr, a new member of Mind Over Mirrors and last year’s Mission Creek artist-in-residence, will join Fennelly on stage for the show.

There is a lot to take in when listening to a Mind Over Mirrors track — rolling minimalist synth lines, sparse percussion, guitar feedback. At the heart of each composition though, lies the steady drone of an Indian pedal harmonium, augmented through tape delays, oscillators and other various effects.

It is a bold instrument with a fascinating cultural history, which makes for a unique atmosphere when deployed alongside modern, experimental techniques. The addtion of Fohr to the project provides an organic vocal element that gives a new layer of depth to the project’s sound.

On the road with Mind Over Mirrors is Virginia guitarist, Daniel Bachman. Bachman is an incredibly skilled fingerpicker with an inventive take on Americana-inspired instrumental folk music.

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