Electronic cumbia music from Argentina heads to Landfall Festival

La Yegros

CSPS Hall — Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m.

Argentina’s La Yegros, dubbed the “first lady of digital cumbia,” performs tonight at CSPS Hall for the Landfall Festival of World Music.

La Yegros came into her own as a performer in the lively, cosmopolitan arts scene of Buenos Aires, starting out as a member of the highly-respected acrobatic troupe De La Gaurdia, going on to form her own electronic-meets-folkloric act De Martinas, and finally becoming the first female artist to appear on ZZK records — the pioneering electronic music label that launched Argentina’s digital cumbia scene.

Watch the video above to get a taste of her music and to hear her talk about her experiments with bringing an electronic sound to Argentina’s traditional chamamé music, her passion for performing and the fun she has had shaking up the male-dominated world of electronic cumbia.

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