Eight ways to provide assistance to Ukrainians

Family and supporters of Ukrainians protest Russia’s attack on Ukraine in Raleigh, North Carolina on Feb. 24, 2022. — Nathania Johnson

Yale University historian Timothy Snyder is an expert on Ukrainian history, and following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “people have been asking me what to do,” he wrote on his Substack site “Thinking about…” on Thursday.

“You can show solidarity,” Synder wrote. “You can give an organization a little bit of your money. It will not stop a war. But it will help Ukrainians to help themselves. And it could save lives.”

Synder compiled a list of charitable organizations providing help to Ukrainians, with brief description of what each is doing. (Some of the organizations with Ukrainian urls are not currently online and have been omitted.)

Hospitallers working at the frontline

United Help Ukraine, assists internal refugees

Crimea SOS, assists internal refugees, especially from Crimea

Voices of Children, aids traumatized children

Serhiy Zhadan Charitable Foundation, supports healthcare and education in eastern Ukraine

On Friday morning, he added more three more charitable organizations to his list.

Libereco Partnership for Human Rights, provides evacuation and medical assistance

Caritas, provides humanitarian assistance

Malteser International, evacuation assistance. (You’ll need to select Ukraine)

“Ukraine is not a rich country,” Synder wrote. “The average household makes less than $7000 a year. A little money, sent in the right direction, can make a meaningful difference. And it might give you a sense that you have done the right thing, at least in a small way, at the right moment.”