Little Village Central Iowa 004: July 2022

Little Village Central Iowa issue 004
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Geese are part of the Des Moines metro landscape, and with them comes lots of poop, reports of human/goose conflicts and safety concerns for cars and airplanes. As the city explores ways to mitigate this feathery menace and educate the public on goose behavior, Little Village took a look at the history of the Canda goose in Iowa, which was once endangered. Also in this issue: Jane Smiley’s classic novel set on an Iowa farm gets the opera treatment; Dana James reflects on the nation’s state of fear; new restaurant Mamma Oretha fuses soul food with African cuisine; Lachele’s Fine Foods makes a mean burger; and the Girls Rock! summer camp tops the charts. Plus: Dear Kiki aids a self-admitted social “outcast,” and LV reviews books and albums by Iowa creators.