Driver challenges parked car to a duel, loses

College St. Crash
Pioneering new ways of lateral motion — photo by Brian Rice

Undeterred by the ten drinks he had consumed earlier in the night (and horribly distressed at the idea of walking a few blocks), a steely-eyed Iowa City man hopped in his car Saturday morning and promptly struck a parked vehicle. The driver did such a good job striking this parked car, in fact, that he managed to roll his own vehicle — a white Dodge Stratus — onto its side before coming to a halt in the middle of College Street, police say. The driver then blew a .187 percent BAC in a preliminary breath test before, presumably, pirouetting into a jail cell.

Iowa City police charged Joseph Holzhammer, 23, with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a serious misdemeanor. He was about three blocks from his apartment. That same morning, Iowa City Police charged Lee Heilig, 22, with his third OWI in an unrelated incident at the McDonalds on Riverside Drive. Although Heilig also smacked into an inanimate object, he did not “pull a Holzhammer” as they say, and managed to keep his vehicle sitting on all four tires.

Iowa City resident Brian Rice snapped the photo seen above while driving past the College Street wreck with a co-worker. The full complaint report for this incident can be viewed here.

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