Drink up: Celebration to bless beer this weekend

Blessing of the Bock
The Blessing of the Bock ceremony includes dipping a hot spike into the beer.

Join a crazy cast of characters this Saturday, Feb. 21 beginning around 3:15 p.m. at Old Capitol Brew Works (525 S. Gilbert St., Iowa City) for the Blessing of the Bock, a fun celebration that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

At this annual ceremony to bless Great River Brewing Company’s Aaah Bock, a seasonal dunkler bock lager, expect to see participants dressed as an enchanter with ram’s horns, as the patron saint of hop pickers and Belgian brewers, or as nuns.

Old Capitol’s general manager, John Lock, says that Blessing of the Bock will include speeches, a brewer’s prayer and a hot spike dipped into a glass of bock that will caramelize the sugars in the beer. The ceremony will be followed by free beer served from a “golden keg.”

Lock also added that it is a sin to drink unblessed bock, and those who decide to dabble in sin on Saturday may even receive a tongue lashing or two from the congregation of characters. Lock said a keg of Aaah Bock will be tapped before the ceremony, and those wanting to have their bocks blessed by the heated spike will be able to do so, likely on the patio. Lock also notes, “There will be drinking of plenty of blessed and unblessed bock for sure.”

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