Saturday, April 1 – First United Methodist Church – $20

Beyond some of the common descriptors–Balearic-folk, gypsy-punk–Denver’s DeVotchKa is best understood as a theatrical band, a band who makes music that is soaring, moody, orchestral and filled with a kind of yearning that most bands can only hint at. Their first record, 2000’s aptly-titled Supermelodrama, features songs that range from acoustic, indie-pop toe-tappers to twisted Mariachi freak-outs. While it garnered critical acclaim, along with 2003’s follow-up Una Volta, it was with 2004’s sprawling masterpiece How It Ends that the band finally broke out, thanks to, appropriately, film: the title track was featured in the trailer for Everything is Illuminated and then formed the backbone of the score they did for Little Miss Sunshine.

Their uplifting, theatrical live shows have, in years past, featured tubas with lights on them, theremins, burlesque dancers and toy pianos. If you saw them upstage the Dresden Dolls a few years ago, you know exactly what I mean and, if you don’t, you’ll find out soon enough. The fact that this show takes place in a church makes it one of the must-see shows of this year’s festival.

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