‘Deez Nuts’: A GOP debate cocktail

Kinda speaks for itself, right? -- image by Matt Steele
#IowaStrong — art by Matt Steele

Here we go again.

Tonight, courtesy of Fox Business Network and the Wall Street Journal, America’s favorite reality TV stars will stand behind podiums and shout between commercial breaks for several hours. Is it a strange new Jeopardy! theme week wherein contestants are rewarded for incorrect answers? No. Airing live from Milwaukee at 8 p.m. CST, it’s the fourth GOP debate!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion — of which there will be a mere eleven more — patriots, politicojunkies and raucous caucusers will keep each other company at home and in bars across Iowa. To aid in their endeavor to drink until something someone — anyone, anyone at all — says makes sense, Little Village‘s cocktail correspondents hereby suggest a drink as robust as Donald Trump’s ego, as sassy as Carly Fiorina’s slander of Planned Parenthood and as smooth as Ted Cruz’s rhetorical flourishes.

Friends, we give you, “Deez Nuts.”

How to Make It

• 1 1/2 oz. rye whiskey
• 3/4 oz. apple brandy (or Fireball, if you roll like that)
• 1/2 oz. Chartreuse (green or yellow)

Shake well. Serve over ice in old-fashioned glass. Garnish with two cherries.

Tonight’s GOP debate will air on Fox Business Network and will stream live on and at 8 p.m.

Note: Deez Nuts is based on “The Diamondback,” a cocktail that was, like most of the GOP candidate’s proposed social and fiscal policies, popular in the 1950s.