December Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast for December 2008

For Everyone ~ Many doors will close; many windows will open. If you have been hoping, or fearing, that some situation in your life would come to an end, the wait is over. It won’t be a single thing that ends it. Obstacles will arise across the board. The end will be final and its implications far-reaching, and, ultimately, much for the best. This might leave some of us a little stymied. It shouldn’t catch any of us completely by surprise, though. At the same time, many especially promising new possibilities will arise. These emerging possibilities will have great momentum behind them and they promise lasting, wide-ranging benefits. For the vast majority of us, the endings will be welcome and the new possibilities will bring hope.

Sign by Sign

Aries ~ Hunker down and work around it. Right now, everything seems to depend on fulfilling obligations and proving that you are capable and worthy of people’s respect. The weight and the difficulty of your responsibilities is very great. Gaining the approval and respect of others is also harder than it once seemed. It doesn’t seem fair. But your home base, your base of operations, is safe and secure. You can easily work around some big issues without having to solve them completely. Do your best for now without worrying overly much what others think.

Taurus ~ Serious is the new playful. You have to be careful. What you say is now being taken more seriously. Cast off remarks, things you thought were jokes, could easily get you in hot water. Brief, seemingly casual encounters can now have serious and lasting consequences. Worse, these things can have an effect on your income. It is time to take yourself more seriously, too. Figure out who you really are, how you want people to take you. Fashion a new public persona that won’t make slips that can cause trouble later.

Gemini ~ Focus on home and family. This month, almost everything affects the home, and vice versa. Even small things that affect the home can have surprisingly big consequences. Seemingly small changes in the home will affect your life outside the home, too. Most of the issues revolve around everyday actions that used to be okay but really aren’t anymore. Greater thoughtfulness and personal responsibility are now expected in just about every area. Gemini has a special role in getting the delicate message out to others. Tact is required. Mistakes will take a lot of effort to fix.

Cancer ~ Fight pessimism. This December, those hyperactive Cancerian intuitions will be working overtime. Much of what you are picking up will be worry-making. Cancerians do tend to worry too much, but this time it’s more serious. Excessive worry can now undermine everything important in your life. First, don’t mistake all the pessimism for your own. Lots of it is coming from others. Second, don’t put up with it. Demand that people be calm and realistic around you. Shed responsibilities that don’t belong to you. Make sure your own garden is well-tended.

Leo ~ Total makeover. You have arrived at a major financial turning point. Economic avenues you have been pursuing are now blocked. Every aspect of your financial life is affected. You will likely need to use Leo’s famous theatrical ability to fashion a new identity, one that better suits the needs of employers and the expectations of people around you. The planets are also pointing you in the direction of more idealistic and selfless involvement with others. These days, being more sympathetic and idealistic will lead to greater income. Go with what’s new.

Virgo ~ Virgo in charge. Everybody will be looking to Virgo for direction. You will probably be so busy you won’t notice how influential you’ve become or how eagerly people seek your advice. What you have to say might also seem sort of downbeat or stern, a “shape up or ship out” kind of message. However, people already know they need to make some serious “adjustments.” They will be focusing on the helpful part of what you say and be grateful for it. For your part, expect significant improvements in all key areas.

Libra ~ Special access. Librans are especially well situated to witness the turbulence, the urgency and the frustration that is affecting the world around them. You feel it deeply, too. However, Librans also have a special link to the source of change. You understand its meaning. You understand the ideals that are driving reform and sense the direction it must go in, maybe better than the reformers themselves. You can see light through the clouds and sense a way through mounting obstacles. Others will be grateful for your realistic advice.

Scorpio ~ Higher ideals. The reason you cannot quite see your way through mounting obstacles is that the goals and aspirations that currently inspire you are not high enough. This is one of those rare times when raising your sights, being more openly idealistic, spiritual and humanitarian will bring immediate and practical benefit. It will open a path where none exists right now. Begin at home. You and family members will benefit immediately if you re-think shared goals. Set them on a more openly idealistic level. Inspiration will come with surprising ease and clarity.

Sagittarius ~ Relief. Sagittarians can all breathe a huge sigh of relief. A very difficult time in your life is now over. The positive, supportive energies you know are there will now come to the fore. It is true that hardship and strain are everywhere. Many around you are facing tough choices. You have probably felt at odds with authority figures, of late, too. But those same authority figures now count on your cooperation as they seek solutions for everyone. Stalled ambitions will begin to move forward soon. Life will be easier.

Capricorn ~ Shifting gears. Energy levels, especially nervous energy levels, are increasing dramatically. Long stalled projects are finally getting the green light. The gears of power are turning more smoothly. Your personal input is in high demand. There are very hopeful signs on the financial front. At the same time, though, you might notice the ground doesn’t feel quite so solid beneath your feet. Profound life changes are in the works. The long and the short of it is, with so much going on, Capricorn had best schedule a lot more downtime.

Aquarius ~
Time for financial discipline. The planets have turned a corner where your financial life is concerned. A delicate, intricate web of relations ties you to the financial world. Messages are now traveling to you along every subtle thread in this web. These messages will continue to come. It is time to take a long hard look at long-term financial issues, things like pension savings, investments, insurance and mortgages. This month, the planets support gracious communication with people in key financial areas. But don’t ignore the underlying tone of urgency.

Pisces ~ Explore. You presently have a comfortable situation, but in your heart you know it can’t last. Pressure is coming from everywhere to strike out, to do something, to establish a more active and viable lifestyle. You also suspect that familiar, comfortable relationships are holding you back. The cost of just hanging on will continue to rise. You can continue to tread water without really meeting the challenge, but the issues won’t go away. Career and finances will stagnate. Take advantage of gracious and considerate offers to branch out.

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