CSPS exhibit showcases Iowa artist Angela Waseskuk

Angela Wasekuk
“Untitled” by Angela Waseskuk on view at CSPS Hall through Sept. 27. — image courtesy of Legion Arts

CSPS Legion Arts is hosting Cedar Falls artist Angela Waseskuk’s solo exhibition, entitled A Day Makes …, which will run through Sept. 27.

After attending UNI, Waseskuk received her MFA in sculpture and dimensional studies from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and her work explores how we approach the repetitive tasks of everyday life.

“These simple acts are the language of life, and I work this way to tell my own stories with the hope that others will be able to relate to them through their own experiences,” Waseskuk explains in her exhibit description.

In this show, domesticity plays a large role. At the entrance to the gallery, visitors are greeted by a piece atop a pedestal called “Parting Gifts.” Here, Waseskuk has molded a couple-dozen scrunched-up grocery sacks into spheres and placed them inside a bell jar. The piece looks like a gumball machine or a reliquary memorializing grocery shopping.

Waseskuk’s work also addresses the repetition of everyday life. All around the gallery, untitled pieces made from yarn-covered cords are hung on the walls — one is diamond-shaped and the other a spiraled coil. In the center of the room, four black pillars sit on a square of tiled mirrors. A bas-relief of identical black houses fashioned out of PVC board called “We Wrote Home in the Stars” is situated in the back of the room; the only difference between each is the random constellation of white dots speckled on top of the houses.

Through repetition, the installation creates a meditative space and, overall, provides a break from, as Waseskuk puts it, “the chatter of our environment.”


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