Crafty: Spice up your invites with homemade envelopes


Photos by Frankie Schneckloth

The summer party prep series concludes with instructions for making your very own lined envelopes. Even if you never plan to host a dinner party, you’ve probably been invited to someone’s barbecue or pool party. I won’t go all Emily Post on you, but handwritten thank-you’s are always correct and appreciated. Just about everyone loves to receive something in their mailbox that’s not a bill. Have some plain-Jane envelopes hanging around? By making a liner, you can dress ‘em up in no time flat to make your thank-you note pop.


  • Envelopes (I used A2, invitation-size.) 
  • Bone folder (not totally necessary, but makes folding easier)
  • Envelope template (Available for purchase at RSVP—or follow the instructions to make your own.)
  • Plain paper, preferably heavier stock
  • Decorative paper, maps, collage or other pretty paper 
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step One

We’ll start by making an envelope liner template. Open the flap of your envelope and arrange on plain paper. With pencil, lightly trace around the edges of the envelope. Cut along the pencil outline.

Step Two

The paper cut-out we just created will eventually be our envelope liner template, but not just yet. We need to adjust the top of the template to account for the envelope’s adhesive strip and also take in each edge to give the liner a little breathing room when it’s inserted into the envelope. Using a ruler, measure the height of the envelope’s adhesive strip. Then measure the same amount down from the top of your template, align your ruler parallel to the top edge and draw a line. Measure half a centimeter in from each remaining edge, and draw lines parallel to each. Trim along the lines.

Step Three

Insert the liner template into the envelope to be sure it fits, looks clean and is even on both sides. If necessary, make any adjustments now.

Step Four

Remove your liner template from the envelope and arrange on decorative paper. I had one sheet of nice paper and two beautiful paper wrappers from chocolate bars. The paper from the chocolate bars had a label and printing on it, so I strategically placed my template so that the printing would be hidden towards the bottom portion of the envelope. Trace the outline of the template onto the paper and cut out what will be your envelope liner.


Step Five

Insert liner into envelope making sure to center it from left to right, and slide it down as far as it can go. Be sure the top of your liner doesn’t overlap with the adhesive strip on the envelope flap. If you have a bone folder, you can use it here to score the liner where the envelope folds. Fold liner flap over and crease. Open liner flap and use a bit of glue to secure the liner flap to the envelope flap.

Step Six

Close the envelope’s flap and set under a stack of heavy books to dry.

Step Seven

Write a handwritten invitation or thank-you note to your besties and drop it in the mail in your fancy envelopes.

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