Crafty – Making your own Tea Bags!

Photos by Adrianne Behning

Tis the season! The season of giving. The season of warm drinks. The season of giving warm drinks (to your cold friends). Try out this project for crafting your own tea bags to steep and share all winter long.


  • Coffee filters
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Stapler
  • Paper
  • Loose teas (available in the bulk bins of most groceries)
  • Optional: spices, dried edible flowers or fruit peels, candied fruit


Tea Mixology

In a bowl, combine your loose tea with any fun additions you plan on using. Feeling flowery? Throw in some culinary lavender. Want a taste of the holidays? Mix in some pumpkin or apple pie spice. Create your own perfect blend or give these combos a try:


Chai Pumpkin Pie: 2 parts chai tea + 1 part pumpkin pie spice + 1 part candied ginger


Mint Chocolate Chip:1 part peppermint tea + 1 part hot chocolate mix


Sweet Dreams: Equal parts rooibos tea, chamomile tea, mint tea and dried orange peel


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Bag It

To construct your tea bags, lay one coffee filter on top of another and cut out two identical rectangles. Using a sewing machine or a needle and thread, sew three sides of your rectangle together. Fill about ¾ full with loose leaf tea. Fold your top two corners inward, then fold over to seal the bag. Place the end of a piece of string under the flap and staple to seal.











Tag It

Use your creativi-tea to come up with some names for your tea mixes. If you’re gifting your tea bags, try making your tags from funky papers or writing out quotes your tea receiver might enjoy. Thread or staple your tags to the loose ends of string and raise your mugs (pinky up!) to tea time.

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