Watch the full Hancher site ceremony and performance

Earlier this month, the University of Iowa quietly uploaded the Hancher construction site ceremony to its official Youtube account. You can watch the entire ceremony below, which begins with a drum procession by Asian American drum troupe San Jose Taiko as they march from Hancher’s old location (a casualty of the 2008 floods) to its […]

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American Reason: Addressing personhood

As we recently saw with the Wendy Davis filibuster in Texas, the abortion debate has started heating up again. Many conservative states appear to be competing to see who can ban abortions at the earliest stage of pregnancy, and in August, Mississippi may become the first state to de facto ban abortion clinics through rigorous […]

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IC History: Iowa City’s early crossroads

Before interstates, before pavement and even before concrete, Iowa City was becoming a major crossroads–for both the state and the nation. It began in 1839 when the Old Military Road–which got its name from the Iowa Dragoons that briefly used the thoroughfare–was built from Dubuque to Iowa City, the new territorial capitol. This first road […]

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