Carnival Hearts & Arts Parade: Venue Change (Rain location)

Well, cats and kittens,

Springtime in Iowa City is proving to us how erratic it can be…hot, cold, rainy, sunny….unfortunately this weekend is going to be on the thunderstormy side. While we all would love to say we’ll battle it out in the park, it just isn’t worth the risk of getting everyone soggy. But….the show WILL go on!

The wonderful folks at the White Lightning Where?house are letting us take over the space for our event. While this eliminates picnic blankets and basking in the sun, we will still have vendors and art galore, the music, poetry,  some snacks and tons of happy faces that won’t be bogged down by the weather.

Griddle Me This (a local Iowa City food cart) will be nourishing our bellies with food hot off the grill that can be purchased in the Where?house parking lot! The Java House and The New Pioneer Food Co-op have donated snacks as well!

Don’t forget your cash muneeez for all the treasures you will find at the vendor booths, and for the nemesis studios tattoo raffle! raffle tickets are just $5!

C’mon out to the Where?house tomorrow! Parking is very limited, so please park in the neighborhoods around the Where?house and walk on in. The Where?house is at 700 S. Dubuque – actually between Dubuque and Gilbert Streets…down the alley from the Delimart gas station on Benton street.

the music

Brooks Strause
Alex Body
Luther Bangert
Christopher the Conquered
Pete Balestrieri
Douglas Kramer Nye
Stinky Jones
Angie Pierce Jennings
Maxwell Johnson


Nick Twemlow
read more about nick
Dora Malech
read more about dora
Mary Hickman
Zachary Isom
Adrianne Behning (hehe, yep – I am giving it a try)
Justin Alan Cox
Caryl Pagel
read more about caryl and rescue press


Industrial Glitter
White Rabbit
Everyday Critter
Alex Moen
Skimpily Clawd
No Tengo Miedo Clay
Lady Noble Jewelry
Rusty La Rue
Knotty Sisters
Heather B
Wandering Mail
Land of Blood and Sunshine
La Baisade Vintage
Gingerstitch and HeartBeet Designs of the Lexicon Collective
Steven Alter
Allison Prideaux
Dark Highlands Press
Free Art School
Rescue Press
Luminous Clothes & FeatherLuxe

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Don’t let the weather slow this party down! Join us!