Boozehound Reviews: Kringle Cream

Kringle Cream
Kringle Cream is inspired by the popular Nordic pastry. — photo by Alpha

It was by happenstance that I stumbled upon the subject of this edition of Boozehound; I was walking down the liquor aisle at my local Hy-Vee when a tan bottle of Kringle Cream caught my eye, and I had to see what it was.

I thought, what the heck is Kringle Cream? But the bottle didn’t help me answer this question. The words “Buttery. Nutty. Sweet.” are followed by “Old World Formula” (which, one hopes would be different than the ‘New World Formula’), along with, “Rum with real Wisconsin dairy cream and natural Kringle flavor.”

After a little research, it turns out that kringles are, in fact, the Nordic cousins of the traditional pretzel, though they are sweeter, softer and more like a cookie. Kringle Cream is produced by Nordic Distilleries of Middleton, Wisconsin, which is fitting because kringle is our northeastern neighbor’s official state pastry.

If you’re a fan of pastries or even if you’re looking to try something new this holiday season, Kringle Cream is an adventure worth taking. It is delicious and at $19.99 a bottle doesn’t break the bank. In short, it’s the perfect start to sweater season!

Color: White — which is good, because it’s cream-based. But I suppose the color could also be described as beige, tan or pastry-colored.

Aroma: An aroma of almonds or even marzipan teases you with the possibility of candied fruits or other holiday delights.

Taste: The “real Wisconsin cream” is evident here, but not in an unpleasant way. It’s the perfect complement to the aroma’s marzipan and almonds.

Finish: The best finish possible: It spreads through you gradually and warms you right up in a way that makes you think of a roaring fireplace.

Overall: Kringle Cream is a great alternative to Rumchata or Kahlua. I recommend pouring it over ice or adding it to just about any warm drink that would take milk or cream.

Grade: A

Holiday Bonus: Well, if you’re craving a holiday road trip, the Danish Inn of Elk Horn, Iowa is only 197 miles away and they have all kinds of delicious-looking kringles to try. If you don’t have the burning desire to visit Elk Horn then try this recipe, have a culinary adventure and make your own!

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