Boozehound Reviews: Winter Jack Tennessee Cider

Winter Jack Tennessee Whiskey is available at many local liquor stores like  Sauce (108 E. College St.). -- photo by Kate Conlow
Winter Jack Tennessee Whiskey is available at many local liquor stores like Sauce (108 E. College St.). — photo by Kate Conlow

If you’ve been to your local liquor store lately, you’ll have noticed that the shelves have many seasonal surprises. One such offering is Winter Jack, a blend of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, apple liqueur and spices. Squat and square like most bottles of Jack Daniels, it is wrapped in a snowy white label proclaiming its seasonal bonafides. And the price is relatively cheap: $19.99 at your local liquor store.

Color: Pale Gold

Aroma: Lemon and cinnamon are predominant. An apple aroma reminiscent of apple pie filling is faint in the background.

Taste: The bottle recommends serving the stuff warm, which does not mean room temperature. At room temperature, Winter Jack is nothing special — in fact, it tastes like weak, watery apple juice with a hint of Jack Daniels behind it. Stick a good measure in a mug, zap it in your microwave and it will be much more enjoyable, with a prominent taste of apple cider.

Finish: Alone, this is the perfect hot toddy: It warms you up gradually and completely and is a great way to end your day on a cold winter’s night.

Overall: If you’re a fan of Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Honey whiskey, consider this the must-drink winter version. If you’re not a fan of Jack, don’t worry: This isn’t just hot Jack Daniels in a mug (which doesn’t sound that good). The apple liqueur completely changes the flavor profile. Like Tennessee Honey, you can drink this stuff very, very quickly if you aren’t careful. I’m not sure how versatile the Winter Jack would be when mixed with anything other than straight up apple cider.

Grade: A-


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