Blue Moose Rising: Iowa City Weekender, March 4-7

Welcome to a special ‘Blue Moose Rising’ edition of the Weekender.

For the last couple of months the newest venue downtown has been making a pretty big splash booking acts like Saint Vincent, Hyper Crush, Motion City Soundtrack and of course Iowa City’s prodigal son William Elliott Whitmore (just to name a few).  This weekend we honor their dedication to live music with a special all Blue Moose edition of the Weekender.  We do this not only to thank them for working hard through these first few months, but also because, this weekend, they’re bringing it harder than anyone else in town.


David Daniell and Douglas McCombs | Blue Moose | 9 pm | $7

Perhaps it is as simple as our proximity to their hometown of Chicago, but whatever the reason, Thrill Jockey has been throwing some meaty lob balls down the pipe for us live music lovers in Iowa City.  Tonight David Daniell (of San Agustin) and Douglass McCombs (Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day) are coming to knock us out of Blue Moose park with their live weaving of dual-guitar tapestries.

Watch out for Javelin coming to Public Space one with These Are Powers, March 25. I got a sneak peek at their debut LP “NoMas,” and I’ve already named it the official album of Spring 2010.

Also of note: HipHop show + Spiritual Tenderness | Starlounge | 9 pm | $5

Did anybody notice that the Green Room/Verde/Iguana bar at 509 S Gilbert is now The Starlounge?  Me neither.  Tonight see what it’s all about as some local hiphopsters (including some that were featured on the LV/WFKU local hiphop mixtape released this Monday 3/1 – free download here) will show you some spiritual tenderness and probably get creepy in many other ways while they’re at it.  Satisfy your burning curiosity for only $5, tonight at 9.

and… Summercamp Battle of the Bands | Yacht Club | 8 pm | $5

Lick It Ticket, Porch Builder, The Uniphonics, Dead Larry and Jumbies compete for a spot on the bill for this summer’s Summer Camp Music Festival (which, technically, takes place during the Spring – May 28-30, in Chillicothe, Illinois).


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Ms. Jezebel’s Finishing School for Girls ft. music by Surf Zombies | Blue Moose | “round about late” | $6

This is the first official show that I’m personally aware of by Les Dames du Burlesque du Iowa City.  Stop by for the artistry, or stop by because it’s the closest downtown will ever get to a strip club in this puritanical police state of ours.


JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound | The Blue Moose | 7 pm | $6

This show is going to have something for everyone – rock, soul, jazz, dance, whatever – get yourself dressed up and prepare to get loose with the Uptown Sound!

also of note: Dave Zollo and the Body Electric with Sad Iron | The Mill | 9 pm | $7

SUNDAY… Yes, Iowa City, your venues now love you 8 days a week

State & Madison | Blue Moose | 6 pm | FREE/All ages

All ages indie-pop for your sunny sunny Sunday!

Watch out for the March edition of Little Village – it will be hitting 200+ news stands in the Iowa City area later this afternoon (hopefully) or tomorrow (definitely)

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