Blake Shaw gets romantic: 14 songs on his Valentine’s Day playlist

Blake Shaw

Wild Culture Kombucha — Friday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.

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Blake Shaw is a hopeless romantic. — Means Chan

Musician Blake Shaw is a familiar face, and voice, in Iowa City. He’s been performing in town for the past 16 years, more than half his life, and living here for 10 of those. If you frequent the city’s formidable jazz circuit, you might have seen him playing out with the Blake Shaw Quintet, Blake Shaw’s BIG(ish) Band, the Clinton St Trio, River Glen or Dan Padley Trio — and those are only what he calls his “most beloved projects.” His skills are in high demand.

But for Valentine’s Day, he’s getting intimate — playing a solo show at the relatively new venue space at Wild Culture Kombucha. It’s the perfect holiday gig for someone who told me he’s a “hopeless romantic with no shame.”

“The craziest thing I’ve done for love was when I was 17,” Shaw said in an email. “I snuck out of the house after my parents were asleep to drive three hours away to go to a party with my love — I wasn’t allowed to drive that far yet. I got back at like 5 or 6 a.m., snuck back inside and no one found out. What makes the story even crazier is that I ran out of gas and couldn’t make it to a gas station. We had to stop at this local small town bar for help. A farmer happened to be there and he lived just down the road and gave me gas from his personal farmer gas tank thingy. He was scary.”

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or think love is as scary as farmer up late at a small town bar, Shaw’s Valentine’s Day performance is one not to miss. Grab your sweetie or have a solo date in Wild Culture’s lovely little space on North Linn. While you’re waiting, you can give a listen to some other tunes.

Just for Little Village, “I put together 14 of my VERY diverse and favorite love, love hurts, love stinks kind of tunes,” Shaw said in a chat. “Somethin’ for everybody!”

Enjoy Blake Shaw’s Valentine’s Day playlist!

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